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4 Things That Make Your Songs Popular To Your Audience

 Posted By: H. Ramos Aug, 2012

Many artists who are coming up with new and good songs are doing it basically for money but taking a song project as a career could earn one a decent income. Due to the presence of internet and social networking sites, it’s now easy to market a song and at least get several thousands if not millions copies on sale from an album.

Mastering a career is very hard and requires great patience and hard work. Apart from going in colleges and universities one can simply learn the various characteristics that actually make a song to become a hot and famous one.


1. Love your own songs


One of the greatest things that show your audience that your song is best is making adequate efforts to love your song too. Don’t just sing for fun, come with a problem and solution and let people embrace it. This is the same principle that makes various artists to get affiliation with different organizations that caters for major problems in the society.

If you are singing about poverty, don’t just discourage people, show them the various ways of getting out of the concern e.g. by telling them to support each other. To be a role model, start by visiting the sick and orphaned and hope they will do the same and eventually like your song.


2. Depict the correct mood in your works


Having a good and a positive slant is what actually counts. Don’t sing and side with the negativity of life or make rhythms that are so odd and ill sounding. Go for a great and interesting hip hop beat by searching on the internet for the companies offering customized sounds for a few dollars.

To make it easy, be unique and take some time to fully optimize your rhythm for the intended mood. To understand this, think of someone singing about the children with a fast rhythm and another talking about a great city with a shocking mood. The two are out of place but the right disposition matching the intended theme will count.


3. Know the climax of your song


All things in this life have a beginning and an end. In a song, climax is what actually calls your audience to take action. Remember, the right tone for your song will simply show the various areas where you want to emphasize important issues.

In order to be safe, find out how other successful artists are doing it and after analyzing a dozen of them, you will know how to go about it. Nevertheless, don’t copy other peoples work, be original and stick to the title of your song but learn the various parts that make people to be interested in a particular song.


4. Great voice and sound will steal a big audience


If you don’t have a good voice, go for training and see the various ways on how to tune your voice for greater attention. A great and amusing voice keeps your audience rocked to your song until it is over.

Interestingly, even the most popular musicians are known by their great voice and unique rhythms. To achieve this, consider hooking yourself with beats for sale and online voice training materials and become the next success story.


Above all, every song has its own rhythm and meaning depending how the listeners will move from it. One should also remember that beat also plays an important role to certain music as it helps to establish sense and value within a melody of a song.

As an artist by mind and heart, you should not be afraid to explore and snoop out different music styles as this could be the road to creativity.

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