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Benefits of making Hip Hop music 

Posted by: H.Ramos

The Hip Hop music industry is one of the biggest and most lucrative industries in the world, you can now sell your music anywhere through online services like Itunes, facebook, Rhapsody or on your own website. Why not go after a piece of the pie, you dont have to run after record labels anymore, you can make them run to you and is not that hard to do. If you got hot rhymes then all you need is hot rap instrumental beats and there are plenty of sites online were you can buy beats online for more then reasonable prices whether you need exclusive beats or non exclusive rap beats for sale. If your not looking for hip hop beats you can also find other music genres beats, it doesnt matter "if your online you can find" and for cheap. Another benefit for artists are the social media sites were you can sell and promote your music for free. The cool part is that on these sites like twitter with the right software you can promote to the specific audience your looking for. What more can you ask for! So all you producers who have hip hop beats for sale and all you Mc's who have songs just laying around on your computer Lets Get Moving!!


Selecting the right Hip Hop beats for your project

Posted by: H.Ramos

Are you having trouble selecting the right Rap beats for your project? Let us offer some advice, first of all for the artists out there that dont know!! There are three major parts to a song which consist of, the intro, the verse and the chorus. The chorus is the most important and essential part of your song so make sure that the rap instrumentals you are purchasing have choruses with melodies. The next thing your ears have to check for is the quality of the beats, many online beats for sale sites including our site offer clients free beats our free downloads are good quality but if your looking for better quality of beats i suggest you purchase premium and exclusive hip hop instrumentals which come with high quality wave formats. And basically thats all you need the rest is up to you so GET IN THAT BOOTH AND SPIT THAT FIRE!!!


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