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Video Transcript


What's going on? My name's HR from 2TheMillBeats.com, and today we're going
to talk about the importance of your website. The most important part to
start off a beats selling website is, of course, the website itself. You
will have the opportunity to sell beats on other website platforms, like
SoundClick, Rock Battle, and can some decent money selling your beats. But
this is no way how to build a successful business online.

The problem with utilizing this strategy is that you are not building your
brand, and that's the most important factor in being successful online is
to build your brand. You are actually helping to build their brand by
promoting your Rock Battle or SoundClick pages for them. I know you're
trying to make a sale, but let's look at this more in depth.

You are promoting your pages, right, on these websites. A prospective
customer clicks on your link. They are taken to your pages. They start
listening to some hot tracks, but they glance to the right, and they see
Dirty South Beats. They glance to the left, they see more East Coast Beats.
Bam, they click on the link, and just like that, you lost a prospective
customer due to the fact that these websites have thousands of producers
trying to do the same thing you're doing, and the chances are slim on
making that sale.

On the other hand, if you had your own beats selling website, that same
prospective client only gets to listen to your tracks. Think about that for
a second. Where do you think you have a better shot to make a sale?

For those of you who are tight on cash and can't afford building your
website or having somebody to build it for you, you can use free online
blog sites like Blogger.com, Weebly, and just throw your Flash player in
there and start promoting that. And that's cool, because you're promoting
your brand. Once you get some sales, invest or study WordPress and build
your own full beats selling website.

It is so important to promote and drive traffic to your site, not somebody
else's. So the first step you should take, for those who don't have a
website yet and are short on cash, is to use free blogging platforms like
Blogger, Wix, and Weebly, and throw your Flash player there and promote

But the best way is to learn how to build your site with WordPress.
WordPress is the best website creator on the market, and it's easy and
free. All you need is the hosting, which we will talk about that on the
next video, and you're on your way.