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Many rap artist are taking advantage of purchasing rap instrumental beats online. This has become the latest trend do to the fact that they are of high quality and most importantly very affordable. Ask yourself: Do I really want to pay thousands of dollars for a producer? or do I find a production company online who have the beats already made and choose from them. Remember online producers will charge you from 10 to 30$ for non exclusive beats which means you can use the beats for a limited number of copies usually 5,000 to 10,000 which is actually Great!!
And if you want unlimited selling exclusive rights you can negotiate with the online company on the price.
We here at 2 the Mill Beats provide artist with not only beats for sale at affordable rates but we try to offer artist helpful tips on recording and anything else related to music on our articles page. Visitors can also sign up to our mailing list were they will receive 2 free beats plus updates on our latest rap beats and more tips. We will like for you to listen to some of our rap instrumental beats below if not thanks anyway for the visit we gladly appreciate it and hopefully we will hear from you soon. Thanks
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