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Music Articles Of Interest

Here at 2themillbeats.com we provide visitors useful resources for anyone looking for information related to music. Our dedication is to help artist with any questions they might have regards to music production.

Below is a list of articles that we provide that can assist our visitors. If you have an article that is appropriate for our site please contact us at info@2themillbeats.com .


 Make Your Music Legendary - Here's a brand new article written by Michael Smith where he compares rappers to the great boxer Ali. It's a great post for up and coming artist who are thinking of mastering the hip hop world.


Top Studio Headphones - This article give you and indepth look at the best home recording studio headphones on the market today. Headphones reviewed, Beats By Dre, Audio Technica M50 and much more.


Vocal Recording Tips - Here on our first installment of recording tips we provide you important information on vocal recording. Also why is it important to have a good engineer plus info on recording and studio tips.


Recommended Steps For Underground Rappers - Very Helpful and recommended tips for underground rappers trying to come up in the music industry.


A Hip Hop Artist Guide On How To Buy Beats Online - My brand new guide on how hip hop artist should benefit from the high quality hip hop beats producers online


Putting Together Your Projects Working With Online Rap Instrumentals - Making use of cheap rap instrumentals to make your entire album is the way to go. Dont every pay for thousand dollar rap instrumental beats ever again.


How To Succeed As A Rapper Buy Beats Online And Become Victor - Here's some detailed procedure on how to buy beats online and how to succeed as a rapper by taking advantage of rap beats selling websites.


Recording tips Vocal 2 - On our second installment of recording tips we offer our visitors part two of our Vocals article. How to deliver the perfect take.


Selecting Your Targeted Market - Helpful tips on how to make money online by using social media websites and tips on finding your targeted audience.


Using Online Rap Instrumentals With Money Back Guarantee And Unrestricted Use - You will not lose out when you decide to take the steps to buy beats online. Some sites offer 60 day money back guarntee with your purchase.