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Mixtape Promotion

Mixtape Promotion


Posted: H.Ramos


5 Ways To Promote Your Mixtape For Free 

In this day and age it is hard for artists, or bands to promote their Mixtapes by themselves  because of music labels, costs and promoters that took over the market with clients that are able to pay for advertising. mixtape promotion 
Although it is hard to promote your Mixtape without spending money, here are 
5 ways to promote your mixtape for free: 
♦ Build your own website
When you have a website it is much more accessible for future fans to connect with you and leave their feedback. 
Your own website allows you to add as much information or as many mixtapes as you'd like or create your own fan base. 
Your fans will be able to see updates on your future shows and music releases so its really key to learn how to build a website. 
♦ Youtube
YouTube is one of the most important video sharing platforms on the planet. With YouTube you as an artist can create videos even with just your songs and reach a boatload of fans. The key is to optimize your youtube video with keywords so your video can climb the charts. 
YouTube gives your fans the opportunity to; share, like or comment on your creations. Also, they can Subscribe to your channel. 
As an artist, you will be able to add information about you, your song or future shows. 
♦ Facebook
Facebook is used by many artists inside the music industry. If you want to promote your own mixtape on Facebook, you have to create a fan page where you add all the information about yourself and your music. 
The most amazing thing about Facebook is that with Facebook comes opportunities' to bands, and artists like never before. buy East coast rap beats  
They have created a social media outlet to provide tools to everybody from country to country, to stay connected all the time. 
Artists can share music files, pictures, and soundcloud channels and create a huge buzz which can go viral with one push of a button. 
Facebook allows fans to chat with the artist, they can provide their opinions as to what they like or what they don't and as a result you will know what kind of target you have to hit. 
♦ Twitter
Twitter is the best online website to promote your mixtape.  There are tons of artist and record companies that you can contact on twitter and build relationships.  
The key is to build relationships not to just spam every artist with your mixtape thats the wrong way to promote. 
Fans from across the country can share, and retweet your Mixtapes. Just like facebook twitter can get your mixtape going virally to thousands of fans. 
♦ Music Forums
Music forums grant artist the opportunity to share their music with other music lovers. Music forums are populated with millions of other musicians and as a result you can find some new fans who will share music and other musicians who you can work with and build an even better product. 
♦ Word of mouth
This way of getting new fans has been used for a long time by old school rappers and it is still being used. 
This type of promoting is based on you the artist spreading the word about your mixtape to all your friends and that will help to spread your mixtape to others just like social media does. 
This kind of promotion will bring you loyal fans and followers. 
If you are an old school artist, you can try this way, but the only issue with this method is that your mixtape will be heard by less people than if you promote your Mixtape using the online sources. 

Following these 5 ways, you will be able to meet new fans and you will also be able to promote your mixtapes for free and without headaches.



Hector Garay is Hip Hop Producer and founder of the production company 2themillbeats.com. You can find him on Google+ and Facebook. Over the last year Hector has dedicated himself to helping out up and coming artist with tips on how to promote and market music online. 

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