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The Best Microphones for Home Recording Studio


The Best Microphones for Home Recording Studio

There are many options when it comes to getting a good microphone for music recording.

However, not all vocal recording microphones offer the best vocal sounds.

So it is quite crucial to know how to choose the best microphone for music recording.

Mind you, you can spend a few thousands on highest end microphone models that will not give you the intended quality.

For that reason, I have combined a list of some of the best microphones for music recording that will surely give you good quality vocals and sound.


1. AKG D 5 - $89.00

 AKG D 5

  • Extremely rugged vocal/speech microphone  
  • Available with or without on/off switch  
  • Patented AKG Laminated Varimotion diaphragm  
  • Spring steel wire-mesh grill

Polar pattern: super cardioid

Type: dynamic


The AKG D 5 is one of the best microphones for music recording you will ever find in the market.

Its super cardioid feature enables it to pick up different patterns and also assists I taming feedback.

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2. Rode M3 - $149.00

It is not that expensive yet gives high quality when it comes to vocal sounds.

It is an all rounded microphone because it has the diaphragm condenser which ensures quality pick up of voices. It is also good for recording instruments.

  • Extremely rugged vocal/speech microphone 
  • Available with or without on/off switch 
  • Patented AKG Laminated Varimotion diaphragm 
  • Spring steel wire-mesh grill 

The best thing about the Rode M3 microphone is that it can run off a 9V battery or a phantom power.

It is also portable.

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3. Rode NT1-A - $239.00


Rode NT1-A



With the small bump of about 120Hz and a mild lift, Rode NT1-A is an impressive neutral sound vocal microphone.


 It is famously known for its quiet nature which translates a 88dB signal to noise ratio.

 10 Year warranty on the Rode NT1-A
 Includes a tripod base desk stand, pop shield, shock mount,

premium 20' microphone cable, dust cover, and an instructional DVD with recording tips

Large 1" (25mm) capsule with gold plated diaphragm
Self noise of only 5dB (A)

This special microphone offers a lot of sheen and can still provide warm features at the same time. It has a high quality valve microphone.

The best thing about this microphone is that it only requires little alteration to the EQ in order to make the perfect mix.

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 4. Audio Technica AT4040SM - $290.81


Audio Technica AT4040SMThe At4040 Side-Address Condenser Microphone

Features An Advanced Large Diaphragm Tensioned Specifically To Provide Smooth, Natural Sonic Characteristics.

A Marriage Of Technical Precision And Artistic Inspiration,

The At4040 Offers Exceptionally Low Noise, Wide Dynamic Range And High-Spl Capability For Greatest Versatility.

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5. AKG Perception 820 Tube - $519.00



AKG Perception 820 Tube

ECC83 dual-triode tube circuitry emphasizes even-order harmonics for rich, smooth and three-dimensional tube sound

Remote control unit for the perfect choice of polar patterns, bass-cut filters and attenuation pad

Dual one-inch diaphragm microphone with nine selectable polar patterns for the perfect setting


Switchable bass-cut filter reduces unwanted rumble or footfall noise

A 20dB attenuation pad for high-SPL applications up to 155dB

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H.R is Hip Hop Producer and founder of the production company 2themillbeats.com. You can find him on Google+and Facebook . Over the last year Hector has dedicated himself to helping out up and coming artist with tips on how to promote and market music online.


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